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Review – Mahler’s First Symphony – a Triumph

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Peter Jacobi
Bloomington Herald Times
May 3, 2010

The face told it all.
As Charles Latshaw, music director of the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra, conducted his ensemble
Saturday afternoon at the Unitarian Universalist Church, a beatific smile crossed his face. It kept returning,
so obviously, so emotionally a smile of joy and pride.
He could see, better yet hear, that his intrepid players… were on their way to claiming victory over what can be a hurdle for the best of the genre: Gustav Mahler’s Symphony Number 1, called “Titan.” A titanic work it is, close to an hour in length and written for champions.
Saturday’s journey through the “Titan” was inspiring, yes, for the music itself, a masterpiece, but even more
for what the Bloomington Symphony’s musicians gave to perform it. They played their hearts out.
Conductor Latshaw knew that. So did the audience, silent throughout, vociferous at the end.
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